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Week 47 2016 Dream Car Competition Winner

Posted 6 months ago in Competition News

Congratulations to our Week 47 2016 Dream Car Competition Mr. Jack Hart from Wolverhampton, UK

Mr. Hart won with his choice of the tech-laden £33,000 Audi S3  plus £10,000 in cash!

BOTB’s Christian surprised Jack at home:


BOTB regular Jack Hart was living the dream when Christian knocked on his door this morning with a brand new Audi S3 and £10,000 cash in the boot! Jack was elated that it was the Audi he won out of the mix of sale cars he played for last week. Mum Diana – who helped us organise the surprise and is asked by Jack every Monday if she’s had “the call” – had a long night keeping it all a secret, but was very happy too as Audi is her favourite brand – congratulations Jack and Diana!

Runners Up Prizes of £200 Worth of Competition tickets go to the following players (and their choice of car they played with):

Adam Barker (GB) – Ford Focus RS & £10k

Allan Philp (GB) – Ford Focus RS & £10k

Thomas Smith (GB) – Ford Focus RS & £10k

Jeppe Vismann (DK) – Mini Cooper S

Kim Nedergaard (DK) – Audi Q7 S-Line

Paul Ward (GB) – Mercedes C63-S Coupe

Annemarie Michaux (FR) – Audi Q7 S-Line

Andy Johnson (GB) – Jaguar F-Pace Diesel S

David Kellas (GB) – Jaguar F-Type V6S Cabrio

John Jones (GB) – Mercedes C63-S Coupe

Imraz Hanif (GB) – Audi RS6 Avant & £10k

Jamie Nyland (GB) – Jaguar F-Pace Diesel S & £10k

Jens Van Waeyenberghe (BE) – Audi RS6 Avant & £10k

James Needham (GB) – Audi Q7 S-Line

Peter Leslie (GB) – Jaguar F-Pace Diesel S

Martin Kamenicky (GB) – Ford Focus RS

Mohammed Miah (GB) – Honda NSX Classic

Nicole Berna (CH) – Aston Martin Vantage S & £10k

Nick Meese (GB) – Mercedes C63-S Coupe & £10k

Pete Toye (GB) – Audi RS6 Avant & £10k